Summer Sitters - Chatham, MA

Finding a babysitter made simple!

About Our Sitters 

We personally interview and select each sitter to make sure that he or she meets the standards of this company.  Our sitters must meet these minimum qualifications: 

*All of our babysitters are independent contractors, not employees of Summer Sitters.

About the Founder

This company was founded in Chatham, Massachusetts by Ann Koch.  Ann received her B.S. in Early Childhood Education from the University of Delaware, where she was honored with the Outstanding Student Teacher Award.  Ann has worked closely with children of all ages, with and without disabilities, in and out of the classroom.  She utilizes her experience and qualifications to select the best childcare provider for your needs based on personalities, required duties, location, and specific requests.

Growing up spending her summers in Chatham, Ann has babysat for numerous families in the area.  Over the past several years, families have relied on Ann’s recommendations for babysitters because of her often booked schedule.  She understands the desire and high demand to find reliable, trustworthy babysitters in the Chatham area, which led to the formation of this company.  Summer Sitters, LLC allows Ann to connect more families with qualified babysitters in an effective way. 




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